Three Yaks In The Plastic Navy

Adventure Man's dad got a new Jackson Cuda so the clan navy has 3 kayaks now, and we made it out to Henderson at McGees today. Pelba is at 15.53' and still rising. You can see your bait 4' down in what they call the boulevard.

We paddled 6.68 miles for 1 crappie, but it was fun since we were able to have 3 paddlers. On man had caught 11 fish tight lining in little openings along the swamp. 

McGee's For The First Time

I've been wanting to try a new landing at Henderson to get away from the chaos at the Butte La Rose free launch. The noise of those truck tires drives me nuts and the ramp is always super busy. Well McGee's Landing for $5.00 seems like a good deal if you don't want to paddle to the far North.

They let you pay when you come back as they aren't open until 8:00 am and there is a good place for a kayak launch off to the side of the concrete ramp. I don't know how great it will be at normal water levels. It's been rising for some time now and today Pelba was at 13.62.

Kayak Gets A Fishfinder

I took a leap and invested in a Humminbird 346c DI fishfinder/sonar, and installed it this week during the flood rains. I also added an anchor trolly to my Jackson Cuda.

I brought my yak inside and worked in my home office where it was nice and cozy.

Slider Weedless Effort

In mid August I bought some weedless hooks and 1.5" grubs from Charlie Brewer's Slider Company and have been giving them a good work out.

It really is nice to be able to fish the really rough cover without getting hung so much. You still get hung when the line and jig get in the right cracks, but it's often you can wiggle it out. Another way I get it loose is using my anchor pole with a carabineer tied on the end. I'll put up more about that later on.

Bayou Nezpique 6.6 mile Solo

I had covered this area of Bayou Nezpique back in the commercial days, but this was the first time by kayak. Caught 7 crappie in a long hot 95° day lasting from 6:30 until about 2:30. The gage at Mermentau was a 1.8' and the fish where caught tightlining about 6' deep.

I met a friend from the spring who was catching under a cork set at 2.5' so go figure. He felt the larger fish were more shallow.

Kayak Truck Rack and Rigging

It took a while to feel comfortable on the highway with 2 kayaks on top and going 70 mph down the interstate. The truck rack we have holds both yaks overhead, and we strap down with more straps than we probably need.

We are using a pickup truck rack from U. S. Rack. One side has a set of Yakima HullyRollers to slide up with, and it has Yakima Mako Saddles on the other end. The other kayak is racked with a pair of Malone Sea Wings.

If everything goes right there will be a video below showing how they ride, and a look at the gear stowed all over the truck.

Putting My Trips In The Forum

I've started logging my kayak trips in the forum here so that as my brain ages I will be able to remember in the months ahead. The conditions are important to me as I try to figure out the conditions that make a successful Crappie fishing trip or just a nice paddle trip.

All though this is mostly to help me remember there is room for anyone else that needs to do the same or would like to discuss the trips. I would love to see other Yak enthusiasts posting here, but don't really expect to see it happen with all the avenues to express one's self like Facebook.


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