Kayak Gets A Fishfinder

I took a leap and invested in a Humminbird 346c DI fishfinder/sonar, and installed it this week during the flood rains. I also added an anchor trolly to my Jackson Cuda.

I brought my yak inside and worked in my home office where it was nice and cozy.

Here is a closeup of the install. It's mounted on the hatch cover for the center storage area. I ran the wires over the top and into the side of the storage area with a lot of Duct Seal plugging the hole. I'm not to sure how that will work.


The transducer was mounted inside the bottom of the hull in a pond made from Duct Seal. A nice play dough like putty that never gets dry.


The battery is a Hobbico Torqmaster Mini 12v - 4,5Ah and I mounted it in a cheap little dry box bought from Walmart. Got my fittings from O'Riley Auto parts and added a 3 amp inline fuse.
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That looks like a practical setup. Let me know how it works and if you have to tweek it a bit. I've been working too much to be able to wet my paddle and my yak has been beckoning for adventure. :-{)

Come over some time and we can talk it over with some coffee.

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I would like that. Time is the only issue. I'm working days off since the beginning of the year. Sundays off, but have to do those homeowner responsibility projects, Mass, and FLC meetings.