Lacassine Launch Fail 07/19/2018

I was still using the knot that the previous owner tied the bow line on with and today it came undone while launching. Nobody around and the boat is headed to the other side slowly with the westerly wind. Not a great swimmer myself, but what to do? I peeled down to my fruit of the looms and headed out leaving my truck running with my wallet and cell on the tail gate. I was so tired when I got back on land I had the shakes. Lucky I still carry my dry bag with full change of clothes and a towel. Easy to see how that could have ended very badly.

Turned out to be a nice overcast cool day and I caught 2 sacs. That's actually encouraging as the bayou has been dead all summer.

Got home to find out my wife fell on the sidewalk and hurt her hip. Hopefully not broken. When it rains it sometimes pours.

Water was up a foot to normal low around 2.5' at Mermentau. Looks like it's healing up fast now. The water was actually very comfortable for the swim.