Lorain Bridge on Lacassine Bayou

Kept my losing streak alive with another scratch at Lorraine bridge. Went South just beyond where the old rail bridge was and only caught little perch and a couple of spotted gar. All day long you could see the little gar on top or maybe a foot down. There was never a time that you couldn't see one if you looked around.

The water was fairly clear. You could see maybe a couple of feet down and it was at low pool since it hadn't rained up there is a long time.

The one fisherman I saw went way down toward the HWY 14 bridge. Too me that's what it would have taken to get to decent conditions. I finished before he did so don't know what he caught.

My surprise for the morning was that they are almost finished with a brand new bridge over Lacassine on Hwy 14. Looks like we could get a spot to slide the yaks off out of the deal, but will have to wait and see. Probably 95% complete, but around here that means months more before it's done.