Month: May 2021

10 Part Beginner Series

From Chas at Side Hustle Network 2019 Amazon FBA for Beginners Course. Mindset Platform Basics Business Models Business Structure & Taxes (still need checking, credit card, LA sellers certificate, and tax plan) Keepa — Need to go over this one again and find more detailed keepa tuts. Seller Central Overview! – Didn’t really follow along … Read more

To-do For Reseller Cert

Need to get this for tax exempt purchases and for buying wholesale from distributers. When existing LA registration for LLC finishes then will need LA Dept. of Rev business account with LaTAP which according to this will yield a Resale Certificate automatically. Need to check out Mark Tew, CPA as recommended by Chaz in his … Read more

Best Business Credit Cards

Good info recommending CapitalOne Spark and Chase cards with flat cash back rates. Liking “Spark Cash Select” with no annual fee and 1.5% cash back. Trying the application looks like might be hard to get for new start up.

Longest video I’ve watched 4:56:03

First time experiencing the Dan Vas YourTube channel. Tons of information on finding products for private label. It’s more of an advanced idea and will have to go through it again later on. He really can fire out information fast. COMPLETE Amazon FBA Tutorial In 2021 | How To Sell On Amazon FBA And Make … Read more