10 Part Beginner Series


From Chas at Side Hustle Network 2019 Amazon FBA for Beginners Course.

  1. Mindset
  2. Platform Basics
  3. Business Models
  4. Business Structure & Taxes (still need checking, credit card, LA sellers certificate, and tax plan)
  5. Keepa — Need to go over this one again and find more detailed keepa tuts.
  6. Seller Central Overview! – Didn’t really follow along yet, but will do.
  7. Sellers App Overview – Need to look again.
  8. Remove Negative Feedback
  9. PPC Campaigns
  10. Multi-Channel Fulfillment – Letting Amazon FBA take care of shipments on Ebay sales.

From early 2017 Beginner Series. Watched all 6 but #5 and #6 seemed extra important. #5 is Condition Guidelines and #6 is Restricted & Hazmat Items. Seller Central condition guidelines are here. Those guidelines seem different now which is over 4 years after video was made.

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