Box Level Shipping


Followed tutorial on using Inventory Lab for creating shipping batches, then it pointed me over to SellerCentral where I wound up in “Send to Amazon” hell hole. It want’s to use .xlsx files to upload, but OpenOffice can’t handle that. Found recommendation for LibreOffice which is supposed to handle .xlsx.

This seems to be the latest for using inventorylab with the new “Send to Amazon” (9/17/2021)

  • You can create an .xlsx file with LibreOffice and save it as a bunch of different file types.
  • Now that file or any other can be moved to the web via After that opens click “New” in the upper left and do File Upload on your local file. .xlsx or whatever.
  • Now you see the file in Drive and can open but not edit.
  • Simply do File/Save as Google Sheets to be able to edit and work with the file.
  • You can download from here as .xlsx back to your computer and open again with LibreOffic or whatever else.
  • Somewhat helpful with lots of adds.

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