Amazon FBA

Expiration Label

Expiration dates on FBA products – referenced Seller Central infor All medical devices must have expiration dates. They must be clearly labeled using YYYY-MM-DD format. For products other than medical devices, acceptable date formats are:MM-DD-YYYY or MM-YYYY Procedure I derived for creating expiration labels with Rollo. 1) Created label text in OpenOffice and saved it … Read more

Sales Tax Ugh

Just now realizing that I have to mess with this. Do Amazon sellers need to worry about sales tax? Everything You Need to Know from “Just One Dime” – got the Sales Tax Cheat Sheet.

Tactical Arbitrage

Watched a good video from EverydayFBA on how to set it with TA. It’s a quick start vid with lots of links in the description for further TA learning. Free video training for OA from which I think is from EverydayFBA. Gave email for free videos found here.

Quickbooks And FBA

Just going to list some links to bookkeeping, tax, or accounting with Amazon FBA. Quickbooks How to do your Amazon Monthly Bookkeeping, Amazon Seller Central, QuickBooks Online, 2020 from YouTube with Sarah Korhnak Info on quarterly estimated taxes….. Guidance on Filing Quarterly Taxes

Ungated Tips

From Jazmin Bautista on Utoob links to a couple of distributors that work well with small time wholesale purchases to get undated. The idea being to get 10 products from a distributor/wholesaler to furnish to AZ for ungating. Price Master – All kinds of categories EE Distribution – For toys category Church Point Wholesale – … Read more

10 Part Beginner Series

From Chas at Side Hustle Network 2019 Amazon FBA for Beginners Course. Mindset Platform Basics Business Models Business Structure & Taxes (still need checking, credit card, LA sellers certificate, and tax plan) Keepa — Need to go over this one again and find more detailed keepa tuts. Seller Central Overview! – Didn’t really follow along … Read more