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Fishing Areas I’m Most Active In

Mermentau River

The Mermentau begins just above the town of Mermentau, Louisiana and flows South until it reaches the Gulf of Mexico. It’s formed by the convergence of Bayous Nezpique, Des Cannes, and Plaquemine Brule. It has Catfish Lock on the lower end designed to keep salt water intrusion under control.

Lacassine Bayou

It drains an area from Welsh, Louisiana down past Hays, LA and LA HWY 14. A lot of it cuts across Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge and on down to the Intracoastal Waterway. The actual Bayou channel is hard to spot on the lower end as much of the marsh has turned into open water. Good kayak paddling on the upper end.

Latest Articles

Luke’s First Fish

Luke’s First Fish

April 7, 2019

Adventure Man boated his first crappie from a kayak on the Mermentau today out of the town of Mermentau. We only caught 2 together, but he stuck with it a…

Caffeine Info Links

March 16, 2021

How does caffeine affect blood pressure? Does Coffee Raise Blood Pressure? Blood Pressure Chart from Disabled World. Fluctuating Blood Pressure In The Elderly    

The Difference between Functional Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Natural Medicine and Integrative Medicine

November 30, 2020

Functional Medicine is often confused with terms like holistic, integrative and natural medicine.  While thought on occasion to be interchangeable terms, they are in fact quite different. From Chattanooga Functional…

Protein on Keto

Protein on Keto

June 7, 2019

Found this nice Ideal Body Weight Calculator as seen in the image above but the results are all metric which is confusing for me. The only take away was that…

Inflammation Markers

June 7, 2019

PubMed study on Lp-PLA2 and CRP as inflammation markers for PAD. The straight dope on cholesterol – Part VIII by Peter Attia

Olive Oil Purity and Quality

May 30, 2019

From the North American Olive Oil Association is this explanation of “Purity” vs “Quality”. The certified oils list found here is updated twice a year and Kirkland’s is not there…

Community of Fishermen

This is me visiting with a couple of fisherman that I met on crappie.com. I’ve made some friends by way of this website over the years.

According to the date on this picture it was taken in 2013. Time sure flies at this time of life. Most every state has a forum on crappie.com so if you are in need of some community check it out.

Jude's Birthday

Birthday Surprise Catch

We were in Henderson Lake on his birthday in the kayaks and we had this surprise catch. I don’t think we had caught this good prior to this trip.

We stumbled on this giant brush pile in about 10 feet of water that came almost to the surface. Not all were caught right on it but the area was hot that day. I still remember the spot and always check it when near. The year was 2012.