First fish

Luke’s First Fish

Adventure Man boated his first crappie from a kayak on the Mermentau today out of the town of Mermentau. We only caught 2 together, but he stuck with it a got his first. You can check out the details over in the forum.

5 Tips Prior to Listing

Dan Rodgers YouTube video. Timestamps: 00:00 – Intro 00:30 – Categorize your Product Properly 05:48 – Create your Canonical URL 11:00 – List your Product Early 14:35 – Create Split Test Main Images 17:42 – Set your MSRP High and Sell Price Low 19:58 – Take Care with Price Adjustments 20:48 – Number 6


Did first test Amazon PPC campaign following video How To Advertise On Amazon Seller Central | BEGINNER Tutorial 2021 FBA/FBM. Cameron James — PPC tutorial over 1 hour on YouTube. (Real Good) He has a shorter “for beginners” version here. Dan Rodgers — 4 Part PPC tutorial that I’m just starting. Part One is here. … Read more


Doing a lot of reading on ways to get the right keywords for a listing and be able to use tools to see which keywords are indexed by Amazon search. A good read is “A Guide to Amazon Indexing & How to Check Your Keyword Indexing” from One of the tools mentioned is the … Read more


Got today and ran Cajun Wholesale through it for my second order from them. These 2 videos from YouTube were the insperation. Amazon Wholesale Reverse Sourcing, How to Find Suppliers, Distributors, Manufacturers for FBA 2021 and How To Use Analyzer.Tools to Find Profitable Wholesale Products Sell on Amazon, AMZ Analyzer Review. The tool is … Read more

Images for Listings

Bought a fancy lite box from Amazon ($150). Big problem getting the “main” image for a listing to be real white resulted in getting GIMP. This video showed how to use GIMP to get white background. Watched half of this tutorial on GIMP, but got kind of lost. Trying to use Kodak EasyShare for more … Read more

Box Level Shipping

Followed tutorial on using Inventory Lab for creating shipping batches, then it pointed me over to SellerCentral where I wound up in “Send to Amazon” hell hole. It want’s to use .xlsx files to upload, but OpenOffice can’t handle that. Found recommendation for LibreOffice which is supposed to handle .xlsx. This seems to be the … Read more

Creating a Listing Title

Following a Mommy Income lesson here and these are some notes. Mobile has 75% of the searches. The number of characters with useful info should be 60, 80, and 160 characters depending on the device. Title from Amazon Capitalize the first letter of each word.• Do not capitalize conjunctions (and, or, for), articles (the, a, … Read more

Packaging and Shipping Materials

First we have recommended sites where packaging can be had: Packlane – Custom packaging and boxes, seems to have only custom and getting the size right is problematic. YourBoxSoution – ready made dies will be the cheapest. 2.75x11x7 Only quotes via email. Custom Boxes Now – – No minimum order size, instant in-App pricing. … Read more