What is a Hyper-Responder?
The term, “hyper-responder” has been used within the ketogenic / low carb, high fat (keto/LCHF) community to describe those who have a very dramatic increase in their cholesterol after adopting a low carb diet. This increase can be anywhere from 50% to 100% or more of their original, pre-diet cholesterol numbers.
Typically, a keto/LCHF hyper-responder will have LDL cholesterol (LDL-C) at 170 mg/dl or higher.


Hypothyroidism and Lipids

People with hypothyroidism who have a TSH between 5 mIU/L and 10 mIU/l have a significantly higher total cholesterol and LDL level than those who do not have thyroid disease. Lipid abnormalities are usually worse with primary hypothyroidism (hypothyroidism due to lack of function of the thyroid gland) than with secondary hypothyroidism (hypothyroidism due to a lack of pituitary hormones that stimulate the thyroid gland).

I’m tending toward Hyperthyroidism with latest TSH @ 1.72

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