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Palmetto 21 -- 01/26/2019

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Paid for ice and left it at the bait shop. Turned the first 6 fish loose until a nice guy came and ask me to save them. Caught 14 more after that and even 3 perch. All action in the west pond where I have not caught one fish all this season. The weather was fine with light breeze and blue sky with temp at max of 60 degrees. The fish where caught 6'  under corks with 2 poles and hair jigs on both. The Yellow seemed best. Did catch one on the way back to the truck, but released that one. Lauching in the big pond this year. 

Where I caught in the west pond only recently became clear of salvinia and a tree across the ditch was keeping it from blowing back in. Saw a real curious hog snorting and blowing back and forth to the bank of the big pond.

Posted : 26/01/2019 9:39 am