Soffit and Fascia Rough Estimates

I’m trying to get a good ball park figure on this project to see if it’s even worth someone coming out for an official estimate. It may be impossibly expensive. We are looking at 260 lineal feet of vinyl with the soffit 24″ and the fascia 6″ and the removal of the old wooden materials. … Read more

Metabolic syndrome

Diagnosis The National Institutes of Health guidelines define metabolic syndrome as having three or more of the following traits, including traits you’re taking medication to control: Large waist — A waistline that measures at least 35 inches (89 centimeters) for women and 40 inches (102 centimeters) for menHigh triglyceride level — 150 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL), or … Read more

Shopping Labs and Meds.

Order Labs Online – Test done at LabCorp or Quest. Ulta Lab Tests – Only used once for B12 and was done at Quest. Own Your Labs – Dave Feldman Managing Director. Looks like really super good prices and you can “opt in your data for science”. Life Extension – The one I’ve used most … Read more

David Bobbett Links

Bobbett also regulates his condition through diet: “I’ve stopped eating saturated fats and don’t take wheat,” he reveals. “I exercise five days a week, just as I have always done. The biggest change is the amount of vitamins I take. Now I take about 15 vitamins and supplements a day from garlic and fish oil … Read more

Skeptical Cardiologist on CAC

Nuclear Stress Tests are the Mammography of the Heart If we are looking for a cardiac test that has characteristics similar to mammography, the nuclear stress test is much closer than CAC. With a nuclear stress test we are using a radio tracer injected intravenously, which subsequently traverses the coronary arteries into the heart muscle. … Read more

Lipid Panel Ratios

Latest Total/HDL = 7.6 vs 3.3 six months prior at the start of Keto. Looking at ApoB/ApoA-I ratio in the future. More on the ratios here.

Cardiac Risk Calculators

MESA Risk Score Calculator Relative vs absolute change. Insulin Resistance Calculation HOMA-IR Blood Code Calculation Homeostatic model assessment – Wikipedia

Fat Emperor and Bill Blanchet MD (Aspirin, Statins, etc)

Restarted low dose Aspirin 81mg. Indications in video more required over 70kg/154lbs. My bmi is 24 (164lbs – 5’9.25″). Waist to Height calc. ACE garlic extract Advanced Prevention Program – Garlic extract reduces serum angiotensin. GGT Glucose Tolerance Test, Two-hour Oral WHO Portocol. GGT Test at LifeExtension.