Shopping Labs and Meds.

Order Labs Online – Test done at LabCorp or Quest. Ulta Lab Tests – Only used once for B12 and was done at Quest. Own Your Labs – Dave Feldman Managing Director. Looks like really super good prices and you can “opt in your data for science”. Life Extension – The one I’ve used most … Read more

David Bobbett Links

Bobbett also regulates his condition through diet: “I’ve stopped eating saturated fats and don’t take wheat,” he reveals. “I exercise five days a week, just as I have always done. The biggest change is the amount of vitamins I take. Now I take about 15 vitamins and supplements a day from garlic and fish oil … Read more

Skeptical Cardiologist on CAC

Nuclear Stress Tests are the Mammography of the Heart If we are looking for a cardiac test that has characteristics similar to mammography, the nuclear stress test is much closer than CAC. With a nuclear stress test we are using a radio tracer injected intravenously, which subsequently traverses the coronary arteries into the heart muscle. … Read more

Lipid Panel Ratios

Latest Total/HDL = 7.6 vs 3.3 six months prior at the start of Keto. Looking at ApoB/ApoA-I ratio in the future. More on the ratios here.

Cardiac Risk Calculators

MESA Risk Score Calculator Relative vs absolute change. Insulin Resistance Calculation HOMA-IR Blood Code Calculation Homeostatic model assessment – Wikipedia

Fat Emperor and Bill Blanchet MD (Aspirin, Statins, etc)

Restarted low dose Aspirin 81mg. Indications in video more required over 70kg/154lbs. My bmi is 24 (164lbs – 5’9.25″). Waist to Height calc. ACE garlic extract Advanced Prevention Program – Garlic extract reduces serum angiotensin. GGT Glucose Tolerance Test, Two-hour Oral WHO Portocol. GGT Test at LifeExtension.